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Mary Gehman
New Orleans writer, historian and researcher

Our History, Mission and How to Submit a Query

DVille Press LLC is a small, independent publishing company founded in 2017 and located upriver from New Orleans, Louisiana in Donaldsonville. The town is often abbreviated as D'Ville, thus giving the press its name. We are dedicated to assisting Louisiana authors or authors of Louisiana topics. We have done a number of reprints of books that had gone out of print but are also interested in first-time and other local authors whose work might not otherwise get to be known.
If you wish to discuss a project with us, please send a query letter by U.S. Post or by email at "contact us" on this website. It should be one page describing the topic and your reasons for writing about it or wanting it to be reprinted. If you seek a reprint, send a copy of the orginal book. We will respond within two weeks, and if interested will discuss the book by phone and ask to see part of the manuscript in a Word document. We also welcome authors who need editing and proofreading of their work and whom we can pass on to professionals who can help complete the project. Authors are expected to pay for that preliminary work. If we are not interested in taking on your book, we will refer you to other resources.

When contacted, be prepared to tell us what the target market is for your work, also how available you are for helping to promote the book, do book signings, participate in social media, etc. As a small operation, we are selective about titles we can take on and depend on authors to be enthusiastic about their books and help with sales. A contract will be agreed upon and signed. Most books are published as print-on-demand (POD) on Amazon and as eBooks on Kindle. They are distributed through Ingram, Barnes & Noble, and our website, as well as book distributors in the metro-New Orleans area. Authors always hold the copyright to their work.

About Mary Gehman

Founder and owner of DVille Press LLC is Mary Gehman, longtime resident of New Orleans who moved to Donaldsonville a year after losing her house in Hurricane Katrina. At that time (2006) she was the owner of Margaret Media, Inc., a publishing company founded in 1981 to produce Distaff,a women's newspaper. Later she used it to produce local books until the company was sold in 2014. When the new owners closed Margaret Media three years later, Gehman picked up some of their titles and founded DVille Press.

Well known historian and author, Gehman has written and published 4 of her own books: Women and New Orleans: A History (1988); The Free People of Color of New Orleans: An Introduction (1994); Touring Louisiana's Great River Road: From Angola North to Venice South (2003); and Cardy the Cardinal Finds a Home in Donaldsonville, children's book illustrated by local folk artist Alvin Batiste (2017). She is currently working on a book about the Louisiana Creole migration to Mexico in the mid-to-late 1800s.

Gehman holds a Bachelor's in Journalism from Loyola University, New Orleans and a Master's in English from the University of New Orleans. She taught English for many years at Delgado Community College in the city. Along with her books she has had articles, poetry and short stories published in state periodicals, and has won various awards for her work about Creoles of color. Prior to Katrina she was a popular lecturer and tour guide in New Orleans. Articles on her areas of expertise appear on this website, as they are frequently quoted and requested.

In Donaldsonville she has long been a member of the Historic District Commission. The mother of two sons -- one in New Orleans, the other in San Diego, CA, she also enjoys her 5 grandchildren. She is fluent in Spanish and German.

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