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No Other World

a novel by Norman German

            Natchitoches landowner Pierre Metoyer convinces his slave Marie Thérèze, called "Coincoin," that they live in a special world of their own, where the color of their skin does not matter.

No Other World, an engrossing fictional account of the extraordinary life of Coincoin, dramatizes the complexities of slavery in the early 19th century. After having four children by another slave, Coincoin became Pierre's concubine, producing ten children and enhancing the value of his estate by ten slaves. When Metoyer later married a white woman, Coincoin learned a hard lesson -- for her there was no other world than slavery. Later, as a free woman, Coincoin became a slaveholder herself and gave birth to her own empire, Yucca Plantation, now called Melrose Plantation, near Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Praise for No Other World by Ernest Gaines

"The story of Coincoin and Metoyer, the Creoles of color, and African House on the Cane River, has been told many times before, but not more refreshing than it is here ... I have chosen this story as winner [of the 1991 Ione Burden Award for the Novel] not simply because it is a good story, but because it is a part of Louisiana history that more of us should know about. Coincoin should be as familiar to us as Evangeline and Miss Jane Pittman."


"When I look back on my life ... I find myself admitting that it was not France or Spain or white people or even Pierre [who ruled my life]. It was money. If I had had money, it would all have been different.... Everything taken into consideration, my life couldn’t have been other than what it was. And that makes me wonder what this thing called freedom really means, or whether it exists at all."
-- Coincoin

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