DVille Press - History of Pointe Coupee

The History of Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana

This book chronicles in fully-documented text and heirloom images the rich and colorful story of one of the oldest settlements in the Mississippi River Valley, from prehistoric times to the present day. Populated by Creole French, African-American, Anglo Saxon, Italian and other peoples, Pointe Coupée has produced such figures of national and international fame as Julien Poydras, Major General John Archer Lejeune, General Russell Honore, Us. Congressman and Ambassador Corinne “Lindy” Claiborne Boggs, and renowned author Ernest J. Gaines.

Pointe Coupée’s pivotal role in the history of the Mississippi Valley and the American South, its agricultural importance, diverse population, wealth of Creole architecture, linguistics and folkways and centuries-old relationship with the provident yet often destructive Mississippi River are all documented in this volume, the most comprehensive work on a truly fascinating American community.

Brian Costello is the consummate researcher and graceful storyteller. His chronicle of Pointe Coupée Parish reflects the highest promise of local history: built on exhaustive research, and narrated with skill, it will captivate readers near and far.
    Jessica Dorman, Director of Publications
    The Historic New Orleans Collection, New Orleans, LA

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