DVille Press - The River Poets Series

The River Poets Series

DVille Press hosts the River Poets Series to publish Louisiana poets, promote their work and to provide books for poetry readings and book signings. Any poet living and writing in the state is welcome to submit a collection of poems. The only stipulation is that the poet has been published in two literary journals or magazines prior to submitting a manuscript to us.

The Series:


It’s the rare poet who speaks in a personal voice, rarer still one with an original point of view, and rarest of all a poet with both. This collection, richly varied in technique and topic, buzzes and swarms like a cloud of bumblebees. Little Lulu rubs shoulders with Maud Gonne and Pocahontas, Helen of Troy with François Villon. But bees have patterns, and so does McFerren. Her great topic is elusive the way the past lingers in the present. She emphasizes the mystery of it—how we see it as a light that flickers and flits, never to be fully caught. McFerren masters several tones: wry, laugh-out-loud funny, epiphanic, vatic, romantic, and sharp by turns. Hang on to your hats and keys.

by Martha McFerren