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Sir Bone Funk

Living Life in the Key of Triumph

Collected fiction and poetry of Eddie Tebbe

            A fixture on the New Orleans music scene for years, native son Eddie Tebbe has attended multiple concerts a night, composed lyrics picked up and recorded by the likes of George Porter and Paul Sanchez, and made friends with anyone and everyone in the popular clubs. He has, as he says, felt the funk in his bones.

Winner: 2020 San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention!

            Music is Eddie’s way to cope with the triple whammy life has dealt him: born with cerebral palsy, developed epilepsy as the result of a fall at age 9, and gradually consumed from his thirties on by Huntington’s disease. Yet he remains friendly, funny and outrageous as he flashes his famous smile.

            Now at age 50, Eddie is no longer able to write or to stay out late, instead offering the short stories, a play and his poetry he’s written through the years to his many loyal friends in this inspiring collection.

            Local writer Colman DeKay puts it well: “Eddie writes with simplicity, urgency and honesty about the town that he loves. He’s the real deal – a New Orleanian who, despite personal setbacks, grabs the city in a gigantic life-affirming hug.“

He played the guitar like a God

I couldn’t keep my eyes off him

For the first time I didn’t feel odd

That was when I picked up a guitar

And I finally fit in

-- Eddie Tebbe in “Old Man With One Glove”

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Softcover book, autographed by Eddie Tebbe!

ISBN: 978-0-9994589-7-6